About ARSR Tech

ARSR Group

The ARSR Group is a diversified business group with interests in Technology, Construction, Integrated Office Management & Supply, and Logistics & Transportation. Started in the year 2014, ARSR Group has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in the North India region. With humble beginnings as a trading organization, we have diversified into 4 verticals with technology and construction leading the way as one of the fastest growing business units. We aim to be a global, socially-responsible Fortune 500 company by 2030.

ARSR is a trusted technology partner for many startups, high growth companies, SMEs (small medium enterprises) and established corporations spanning the globe. Our team of designers, architects, developers, analysts, and project managers are passionate about partnering with our clients and help drive initiatives around digital transformation and innovative cutting-edge solutions

ARSR works with a wide spectrum of industries such as Fintech, Solar, Logistics, Tech-Based Startups, and FMCG companies. Our End-to-End technology solutions help taking complex products to market faster and with more precision. ARSR is promoted by Fourth generation entrepreneurs who have a strong background in technology, media, and finance. Our board of advisors consists of leading industry personnel.

About - ARSR Tech

Tech Expertise

At ARSR, we offer our technical expertise in the latest technologies all across the world. We cater to the world’s fastest growing and cutting-edge technology companies. The following are some of our offerings-

1. IoT Technology
2. Data Analytics
3. End to End Software & Web Development
4. Mobile and Cloud Solutions
5. Database Engineering and Design
6. API Development Design Thinking Approach

Design-Thinking Approach

ARSR is modelled on using a design thinking approach. Our engagement with companies is a purely evolutional and a solution driven one. Our focus is to understand our clients needs and craft solutions enabling our customers to achieve their desired goals. Our commitment is to partner with our clients on end to end process.

1. Understanding Requirements
2. Analyzing
3. Designing Solutions
4. Design and Development
5. Testing
6. Deliver
7. Maintenance

Agile Technologies

With new technology evolving on a day-today basis, companies need their technology to be agile and nimble. ARSR helps advise, design and develop agile technology solutions which are compatible with the latest stack of technologies all across the world.

1. Ideation & Strategy
2. Minimal Viable Product
3. Design & Development
4. Engagement & Growth

Speed to Market

One of our fortes at ARSR is delivering products using agile and nimble technologies to greatly enhance speed to market. Our design thinking approach and tech expertise has helped us develop and deliver many a product for high growth companies and startups alike in a span of a few weeks. So rather than spending months and years on developing a product, let ARSR help you prototype and launch your product in a short time span.

1. Rapid Prototyping
2. Agile Technologies
3. MVP Development
4. Fast Turnaround Time
5. Effective and Efficient Development Strategies

Our Clients

ARSR serves a diverse set of clients across multiple domains from Fintech, Solar to Logistics and the FMCG.  ARSR Tech is engaged on many strategic initiatives with multiple clients globally including high growth Startups, SME ’s to Fortune 500  companies.