Our Services

The ARSR Group is a diversified business group with interests in Technology, Construction, Integrated Office Management & Supply, and Logistics & Transportation. Started in the year 2014, ARSR Group has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in the North India region. With humble beginnings as a trading organization, we have diversified into 4 verticals with technology and construction leading the way as one of the fastest growing business units. We aim to be a global, socially-responsible Fortune 500 company by 2030.

Cloud Services

We are specialists in cloud-based infrastructure development on Azure and AWS. Our dedicated teams of software architects and engineers ensure that your enterprise is online all the time with maximum efficiency and scalability.


ARSR has worked on a number of IoT projects and has experience in designing, developing and deploying IoT solutions for many an enterprise.

Blockchain Development

ARSR has a fast growing blockchain division which specialises in Etherium, Hyper Ledger, Multichain and other fast growing platforms.

Software Development

ARSR’s core strength lies in designing softwares and technical products for many of the world’s fastest growing organisations. We can help you develop customized end-to-end software which can help you catapult your enterprise to the next level.

Product Engineering

ARSR is the preferred product partner for many a high growth startup and MSME globally. Our effective team, highly fast and streamlined processes help enterprises take your product to market with lightning speed.

UI/UX Design

At ARSR  we have an inhouse capacity of 20+ creative designers and front-end developers which help you design, develop, envision and launch your product with finesse at speed and with precision.

API Development

We help develop state-of-the-art APIs using cutting edge technologies and languages. Our End-to-End solutions in the niche help you deploy faster and increase speed to market.

Web Development

ARSR helps develop customized web-based platforms for enterprises. A design-thinking approach is followed to advise, design and develop a platform/product which fits your requirements.

Data Science & ML

ARSR also helps deliver Data Science and Machine learning based solutions. We help design and develop data models and data processing layers to understand and analyze critical data using cutting-edge technology.

Engagement Model


Build. Operate. Transfer.

We play complete ownership role and take charge of the end to end product development and engineering life cycle.

Team : 5 to 10 Members

Offerings :

End 2 End to product Development
Ideation and strategy
MVP and Validation
Product Design and Development
Product Testing
Product Growth
User Engagements

Deliverables : Workable Product Engagement

Duration : 2 to 3 years

Technology Partner

Extended IT Team

We play technology partner role and co-innovate or co-create with product owner’s IT team and help on the module or sprint design and developments.

Team : 2 to 4 Members

Offerings: As per the requirements As per the sprint specs

Deliverables: Production ready sprint features

Engagement Duration : 3 to 6 months (extend and grow in capacity as needed)

Solutions Provider

Domain Specific Digital Solutions

We play solution provider role and provide digital solutions based on the organization needs and digital strategy

Team: 5 to 10 Members

Offerings :

Digital Strategy
Digitization of Processes
Automation of Processes
Operating Insights
Customer Experience /Engagement
Customer Journeys
OMNI channels

Deliverables: Workable solution Solution Implementation Engagement

Duration : 3 to 6 months

Our Clients

ARSR serves a diverse set of clients across multiple domains from Fintech, Solar to Logistics and the FMCG.  ARSR Tech is engaged on many strategic initiatives with multiple clients globally including high growth Startups, SME ’s to Fortune 500  companies.