Automating Sales for a FMCG Major

Automating Sales for a FMCG Major

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ARSR helped develop a platform to automate sales for a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) major. The enterprise was facing multiple inefficiencies in their sales and marketing software. ARSR helped build a new platform to reduce inefficiencies by a factor of 15% platform-to-platform.

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The platform consisted of an end-to-end lead management and sales system. It was integrated with 15 different lead generation sources. The data was seamlessly integrated with the platform to be managed by the sales and marketing operators. The scheduling and appointment features along with email automation enabled real-time customer handling and increasing conversion rates.


ARSR also added value by adding a layer of Ai and machine learning to further analyze incoming data and increase conversion rates.

The Solution


Web Platform

To Manage & Maintain Leads & Sales



To Update, Manage & View Data (Leads & Sales)


Data Science & Analytics

To Increase Conversion Rates

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