SCM Solution for an FMCG company

IoT Enabled SCM Solution for an FMCG company


ARSR developed an IoT enabled SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution for an FMCG company based out of the US. The aim of the solution was to track and trace every component/stage of the supply chain journey.


The solution entailed IoT devices that sent data into the cloud. The data was then processed and analyzed and exposed to the end-user (end-customer, vendors and the enterprise itself) via UI dashboard.


The platform made use of the various data points in the supply chain, put them together in one dashboard and made sense of it holistically. This solution enabled our client to optimize operations and reduce inefficiencies by 7.3%.

The Solution


IoT & Mobile

For Tracking & Tracing Data

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To View Data Endpoints Across Users & Optimize Operations


Data Science & Analytics

To Reduce Inefficiencies

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