With advancements in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), various industries are leveraging it to eliminate intermediaries from legal and financial transactions. Popularly known as Blockchain, the technology helps store digital records in a secure and auditable manner, enabling a speedy, safe, and cost-effective transfer of assets.

Blockchain IT solutions can boost the ROI of IoT-related investments for the oil & gas, retail, and manufacturing industries, as DLT helps address common scalability, privacy, and reliability concerns. We can help you accelerate the time to market for such projects through rapid prototyping, an agile development approach, and by leveraging our strategic partnerships with leading enterprises and academic institutions.

Our Offerings

Consulting and Advisory

With expertise spanning across verticals and equipped with the required DLT skill sets, ARSR’s Consulting team is well suited to work with clients throughout their DLT journey. We are strategically positioned to partner with our clients to devise their overall DLT strategy, comprising adoption, execution, and finally, implementation.

Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab facilitates collaboration with clients to identify and pilot different use cases. Our Rapid Prototyping approach shortens the time to work across use cases, helping us achieve meaningful results faster. At the end of this iterative cycle, we deliver a detailed report with our findings, facilitating strategic decision-making on DLT implementation.

DLT Implementation and Integration

Positioned to act as system integrators, we offer clients our capabilities to scale and leverage our existing business associations for these solutions. Our alliances focus on areas such as payments and enterprise integration, expected to segment most likely to see DLT implementation first.

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