our process

Discuss Your Requirement

The first step of working with us is to discuss your requirements. At ARSR Tech, we follow a design-thinking approach. We like to understand in detail the clients requirements, aim and vision. The first interaction is generally for understanding requirements which is followed up by proposal meeting (i.e. the next step). An NDA is also generally signed at this stage for the client on-boarding process.

Preliminary Proposal & POC

During this step, our team gets back to the client with a formal proposal entailing the work scope, resources required and the tentative timeline. This step might also include a POC (Proof of Concept) demo, depending upon the size of the project to be undertaken and its technical intricacy.


At the SOW stage, the contract & the SOW is finalised. This is generally followed by detailed KT (Knowledge Transfer) sessions between the business/product and the technical teams. The requirements are discussed in greater depth and the BRD (Business Requirement Document) and the FRD (Functional Requirement Document) are finalised to kickstart development.

Delivery & Handover

Once the BRD & the FRD are frozen, our development teams start work after establishing a fixed deadline. ARSR uses agile technologies and methodologies to fast-track development and optimise workflows. The entire project is generally broken down into sprints and is professionally managed by dedicated project managers & scrum masters. Once development work is done, the project is tested, audited and finally handed over to the client. Most of our projects & partnerships generally continue engagement thereon for product updates and maintenance work.

Our Engagement Model


We take up the complete ownership role and take charge of the end-to-end product development and engineering life cycle.

5 to 10 Members

Offerings :

  • End-to-end product Development, Ideation & Strategy
  • MVP & Validation
  • Product Design & Development
  • Product Testing
  • Product Growth
  • User Engagements

Deliverables :
Workable Product

Engagement Duration :
2 to 3 years


We play the technology partner role and co-innovate or co-create with the product owner’s IT team and help with module/sprint design and developments.

2 to 4 Members

Offerings :

  • As per requirements
  • As per sprint specs

Deliverables :
Production ready sprint features

Engagement Duration :
3 to 6 months (extend and grow in capacity as needed)


We play the solution provider role and provide digital solutions based on the organisation’s needs and digital strategy.

5 to 10 Members

Offerings :

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digitization of Processes
  • Automation of Processes
  • Operating Insights
  • Customer Experience /Engagement
  • Customer Journeys
  • OMNI channels

Deliverables :
Workable Solution Implementation

Engagement Duration :
3 to 6 months

Request for Services

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