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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the most disruptive invention since the arrival of the internet itself. Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that can be programmed to record smooth, efficient and fully distributed digital trails of all your economic transactions. It has turned out to be a crucial digital transformation technology across financial institutions, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, supply chain, travel, real estate, and more.

As an experienced blockchain company, we can also leverage a range of frameworks – including the CORDA, Ethereum, and Hyperledger – to program it to affect virtually everything of value in your business ecosystem including smart contracts, supply chain, IoT, identity management, land registration, stock trading, crowdfunding and information sharing amongst other use cases.

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Design-Thinking Approach

At ARSR, we have use a Design-Thinking Approach to solve problems and build scalable enterprise solutions. Our approach gives us an edge, that enables us to take to market products faster and with more precision. Learn more about the ARSR advantage.


Quality & Timeliness

The ARSR team works in accordance to high-quality standards and ensures timely delivery of deliverables in the best possible fashion. Our global clients second the same opinion and have mutually thrived in collaboration with ARSR. Learn more about the ARSR advantage.



At ARSR, we promote and on-board some of the best talent in the industry across different verticals. Right from on-boarding the best talent, to our robust upskilling programs, we ensure that we are one step ahead of latest trends all the time. Learn more about the ARSR advantage.



Ethereum, being an open and permissionless Blockchain, any developer can build an application using the inbuilt programming language to interact with the Blockchain. The built in programming language for Ethereum is Solidity. Ethereum is a blockchain that allows the user to build smart contracts and dApps. We leverage Ethereum to build on various Enterprise application use cases.



Hyperledger is a blockchain framework maintained by Linux Foundation. It is currently one of the most stable permissioned, general purpose and enterprise-ready blockchain development platforms. Permissioned blockchains like Hyperledger are the ones that the finance companies need for data protection. At ARSR, we enable enterprises by developing and deploying blockchain based applications really fast.



Truffle is a development environment (providing a command-line tool to compile, deploy, test, and build), framework and asset pipeline to build ethereum-based DApps. Smart-contract contains a set of rules that govern the Blockchain. And to make working with Ethereum smart-contracts easy, a development environment called Truffle Suite was built.



Corda is flexible and scalable, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security. Corda is an open source blockchain platform that enables easy management of legal contracts and other shared data between mutually trusting organizations. The platform makes it possible for a diverse range of applications to interoperate on a single network. At ARSR, we leverage cutting-edge technologies like CORDA and enable enterprises towards digital transformation.



Mist is an Electron framework based application which is used for the management of Ethereum wallet and Ethereum applications. More specifically, it is a hybrid desktop application with a web interface to manage Ethereum DApps (Decentralized Apps). Mist is an all in one software to manage all the assets and contracts of an individual in the Ethereum Blockchain.



Remix is a Solidity IDE that’s used to write, compile and debug Solidity code. Solidity is a high-level, contract-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. It was influenced by popular languages such as C++, Python and JavaScript.

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